About Halifax

Halifax Restaurant features North-Eastern farm and coastal cuisine, with an emphasis on local and sustainable ingredients.   The vast majority of our product, if not made in house, comes from famers, fisherman, and artisans from Delaware north to our namesake, Halifax – the capitol of Nova Scotia.  Chef Seadon Shouse further puts his personal touch on our offerings by creating house smoked meats and seafood, authentic vermouth, as well as sea salt, made from water straight out of Montauk.  Our beverage program also includes a selection of spirits, wines, and beers from local, reputable producers.


Various Seafood - Sea To Table - Brooklyn NY

Greens, Herbs - Urbana Greens - Newark NJ

Milk, Butter, Creams - Battenkill Valley Creamery - Salem NY

Organic & Cage-Free Eggs - Alderfer Family Farm - Telford PA

Milks, Creams - Kriemhild Dairy Farms - Hamilton NY

Potato Vodkas - Claremont Distillery - Fairfield NJ

Various Brews - 902 Brewery - Hoboken NJ

Various Brews - Departed Soles Brewery - Jersey City NJ